A… Poem

A question or an answer
A faulty feeling or uneasiness
A wandering thought that takes hold
A being that rests in unkown

Mystique in joy
I see a plenty
A whitened smile
Leaves me so heavy

Strands fall at a pace
Flowing down
A length of grace

Met so lovingly by a cat
A cat?
A cat, you see
Following around so devotedly

Chasing the question
Unseen through intention
Felt with unruly sensations

We are what they call us
A man… A woman
A kid… An adult
A name… unknown

What’s in a name?
Let me show you

“There once was a…………………….



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Aaren Herron

Aaren Herron


Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.