A Series on Death Pt. 3

Aaren Herron
4 min readJun 28, 2020

Oblivisci per Mortem

In a large white bed, Samuel’s body rests. He exists as a brittle and empty frame of what could’ve been; eyes finally closed in front of a mind that has been shuttered to the outside for over a decade.

With great irony, the prayer begins at the end. Quite the sense of humor for a God: the priest begins, “May the lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up.” In that moment, a strange wind finds its way into Samuel’s lungs bringing his still body back into the world.

Samuel’s eyes slowly twitch open, revealing a weak grey strangling the life out of his pupils. Unable to speak, he lets out a groan of discomfort that alerts the Lady of His Life. She rushes to his side to tend to his needs; cleaning the bed sheets, changing his clothes, feeding him. An angel on Earth sparking a fight in Samuel’s pupils against the grey.

After a few months, and unfaltering support from the Lady of His Life, Samuel begins to learn to stand on his own. His fragile frame grows stronger with each second he spends off the bed. Persistent hard work brings out the perks of growth in physicality and mentality; though, some issues still require the Lady of His Life’s assistance.

Communication is the backbone of any solid relationship, something the Lady of His Life knew far too well. Working together, Samuel finally begins to understand the Lady of His Life and all those people out in the world around him. An outward expansion of a growing mind.

Communication can’t be a one way street, something Samuel has known all too well. Samuel makes sure that it’s a world he can only live in for a short amount of time. Weeks after the successful attempts to help Samuel understand the world around him, he is speaking. As important as they are, Samuel ensures they provide as much powerful as possible. With the Lady of His Life in sight, he spoke thus, “I love you.”

Having spent years learning to communicate and behave, Samuel finds his identity tucked away in a back corner of his mind. He uses this growth to venture out into the world and start working. Samuel must take care of the Lady of His Life the way she did for him. Samuel finds a job in the Catholic Church, allowing him to help those he loves and all who surround him; a perfect mixture.

Having garnered as much knowledge and life experience as he could within his small town, Samuel heads to school to better himself for a world in need. Thus allowing Samuel to reach newfound heights in his identity and knowledge of how the world works. At his highest peak, Samuel finds the second Lady of his Life to devote himself towards.

This new world is thrust upon Samuel by Samuel, and he was only ready for a short time. Stress overcomes him in his most anxious time and he can no longer remain within his home. He must find himself within the Lord, and he must search for purpose in the world around him.

At his Lowest peak of identity, the first Lady of His Life falls deeply ill and Samuel spends every second at her bedside in those last moments. Crying, praying, holding her hand and wishing for one last squeeze before she goes; but the lack of any response sends his mind on an uncontrollable downward spiral.

Samuel’s world has been forever halted, peeling away all of the work he had put in over decades and decades. His ability to communicate and participate in the world is being ripped from him every second, forcing him back into a homebound reclusiveness; the Lady of His Life taking care of him every moment of the day.

Samuel uses up his final words, looking into the eyes of the Lady of His Life, “I Love You.” Now unable to communicate, he falls into an emotional and physical descent of which he can no longer control. He is unable to clean up after himself, he cannot understand the Lady of His Life, he doesn’t understand his own actions, and he can’t even remember when he’s hungry. An inward reduction of a shrinking mind.

Samuel’s physical decline has left him unable to stand; now forced to be carried around by the Lady of His Life for the rest of time.

Samuel’s eyes begin to close and, unable to speak, he lets out a sharp wail of discomfort. Once again, the prayer starts in reverse washing a previous life away from Samuel. “For the war against evil, and for the practice of good, thou needest strengthening through the grace of him who hath redeemed us from our sins. Therefore I anoint thee with the oil of salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.”

Samuel rests in a small white bed, a tiny frame of what he could be.



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