A poem on personality red flags

Aaren Herron
1 min readMar 11, 2024
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

You put your hair up nice
You wear your dress so tight
You’re ready for the night
You’ll scream and shout and feel so right

Yet it’s only temporary
That paint is momentary
The pain is ever flowing
The stress is never slowing

That’s not biodegradable
That wont become invisible


Your nails reveal all
Whether short and chewed
Or painted and tall
Functional or raw

All your towers fall

Try and cover up the damage
With a simple blue or orange
Or a purple hue so savage
Still the same translucent package

I bet that if I would ever be with you
There’s so much more that you would want me to do

Do your hair
Clean your car
Do your chores
Hear your snores
Pick a fight
Bloody nose
Bring my share
And carry yours
Build a chair
I’m ensnared

Acrylic nails
That’s a lot
See that snare?
That’s what I thought

Acrylic nails

You’re a lot

You can’t even carry travel bags
Without breaking a nail
How can you carry trauma bags
Without my care?



Aaren Herron

Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.