An attempted explanation of my ADHD

Aaren Herron
2 min readSep 22, 2023
Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

I’ve tried to explain it
Never mind, just forget it

There’s a rash on my hands
Anxiety induced, but I’m unsure

Was it two table spoons
Or is that only during a full moon?

That reminds me of Twilight
A story of the dog in a fight

But not like Rocky
Or his battles with the Russian Evil

Like back during the Cold War
Or half of the Die Hard films

Split between the Germans
And the communists of the East

I chuckle at how vague one can be
While painting a picture so completely

Picasso or Rembrandt
I’ll never remember that

But in Saturday detention
I’ll be expecting more of a Varsity letterman

David and Conan alike
Know of the energy that pressure takes

An experience of shaky knees and peeling scabs
You always need to reorganize your tabs

I thought I did that yesterday
Maybe it was just a dream on replay

I’ve had lots of those
Etching into the mind I never chose

Before I carry on
There’s a melody that wont move on

Do you like the Beatles?
They’ve this song that really moved the needle

It’s called Rocky Racoon
I’d sure love to write a script about it soon

I’ve already got the details ironed out
A plot synopsis with on of Rocky’s bouts

He loses, of course
But that’s a bit of a spoiler

I’m talking about the song
Not the Stallone franchise hog

Where was I?
Oh yeah

I’ve tried to explain it
The struggles of connections inherent

A to B to Z to Sea World
Featuring memories of abuse untold

Can you blame them for lashing out
When your captors carelessly wander about

Taunting and taming
Escapre or death are the same thing

Freedom from the thought process
Of what in this moment is of excess

I’m trying to explain it
It’s just a bit too complex

I can’t sleep
I can’t stop my brain

It’s been three weeks
I’ve listened to this song yet again

I’m so tired
It’s no joke

It’s a Beatles song
And I’m just struggling to cope

I can’t explain it again
If you’re still confused

Just forget it
Before I forget you

CeeLo Green



Aaren Herron

Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.