For the Irish Catholics

It’s in my Blood

3/4’s Guinness 1/4 life

Zombie eyed, wasting time, blood runs through me

Concoction, addiction, lack of stimulation

I’m numb, we’re numb, it runs through us

Stunted, blunted, angrily confronted

Violence, silence, contemplation is timeless

It runs through our veins

Punch, slap, kick, fall on the bricks

Emotionless, reaction fist

It flows through us

Suppression, intention, laughter invention

Religious intention, total acception

Church of fear

It invades our mind







It controls our lives

3/4’s Guinness, 1/4 life

They take that quarter and fill it with sorrow

Guinness will take care of the rest

It’ll become our blood

For the Irish Catholics

Not for my Mother



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Aaren Herron

Aaren Herron


Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.