Some Dohas #1

If you ignore the flags that fly in your face, you’d end your life soon. Without the choice or willingness to flee; can’t let the void consume all that makes you you. Hades can beg, blind, force and fight, but this Persephonie will soon be set free. Escape your hell; Ring that damn bell; Fight until that chorus can’t swell swell swell.

Tuesday never comes, it’s always Monday Sunday pain day payday mayday hey hey. Someone take this pain away; I can barely see through these clouds. My mind has broken, and I can’t turn around; pull me forward. Lead the way and don’t run. I can’t take it anymore; I’ve got to kick through this door. When the handle doesn’t turn and the deadbolt wont float; bring in the C4.

Anxiety riddled with abuse; abuse riddled with anxiety. A pedal drum kicks fast, punching through the throat. Flesh tears under inches of nails. The sweat that pours only distracts from the fear at the core. One more step into the abyss or one giant leap through the fog.



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