The Unknon

Aaren Herron
2 min readSep 16, 2022


Life will find a way
A decaying lumber
Saved by the seeds thrown asunder

The watchful gaze
Unrepentant in flight

Exponential intensity of desire
Wishing to come closer
But wary of what lies ahead

Insects retreat from down under
but from what?

We are not of any danger, only intrigue

May we sit beside you and enjoy a snack before it gets dark?

By chance, a rustling in the dark has grown nearer
Revealing an ocular twin from behind
Lost in a maze of darkness

The first twin begins their approach
Steady, unwavering in attention
As the distance draws near
A change is felt

The eyes gaze away
For I am no longer of concern
to the watchful gaze of life

Only the second twin remains
Rustling through the shadows
Unable to find his gaze

Until a break is found
A hole in the dark
Where a glimmer of light shines through

If only for a moment
the gaze sighs in relief
But an awareness to my still presence
Brings the excitement to a halt

He holds
For a few seconds
Far less than that of the first twin
Our gaze’s meet

This pair of eyes is far less weary that it’s twin
Taking multiple steps forward with no hesitation
Feigning a fear every three steps

They notice a trail in the air
Left behind by gazes since past
They proceed down the same path as all eyes before

Bravely escaping a grazing conflict
For the eyes search for that which eludes

I am left alone in the light
A glowing beacon of grace
Beckoning for someone to come

Hear my song
Oh, won’t you?

If only for a single time
Let me be blessed by your precious ears
For compassion is sparce these days
And attention even fewer

Hear my song
Then promise that you’ll share it

For I remain
A mountain above beings
Tethered down by reality of place

For the eyes could soon gaze upon me once more
In a different shade
With a darker glint
Unwavering in pursuit

A shadow of the past
Hanging onto the darkest caverns of my mind

I turn towards the sun
Pushing past any other tree in my path

Ever-growing in my pursuit
Praying it’s as exponential
as the roots



Aaren Herron

Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.