You Are the Problem

Aaren Herron
2 min readJun 25, 2022

Make a video, piss people off, repeat.

Make a joke, piss people off, repeat.

Make a compassionate attempt at connecting with others, people ignore you, reset.

You people only seem to give a fuck if I piss you off. Otherwise, you’re stuck in your feelings telling everyone to fuck off with your inaction.

“Me, me, me,” that’s all you bitches say. Until you can find someone that gets you to say, “Fuck you, you, you.”

Now look who saved us all, “Me, me me!”

Virtue signaling celebrities, with millions in pedigree, telling what I should be, without experiencing a real fee

Without having to think plainly about the reality of trauma that you’ve caused we.

You already control the narrative, calling all our managers, saying we are comparative to an antisemitic Molotov.

Millions, billions, dead don’t mean shit against what that comedian said.

You hold us to a standard you’ve never even seen. Yet, you hold the president to a standard you’ve never even cleaned.

Why is it that the local McDonald’s harms the system more than the officials in Washington?

Oh wait, they don’t. You’re just too afraid to point the finger where it matters. Cause then it’d turn right back around


Sip your white claw and speak out for those you’ve never met. While you surf the net, living a life of bullying and lies, we’ll be here face to face speaking a truth you can’t tell.

Waiting for the system to fell, a paradigm uprooted and rebuilt up on the hill. A mountain top of power yelling down at you all




Aaren Herron

Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.